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High Performance Gas Chromatography Equipment GC650 With 5 Sample Injectors

High Performance Gas Chromatography Equipment GC650 With 5 Sample Injectors

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Large Image :  High Performance Gas Chromatography Equipment GC650 With 5 Sample Injectors Get Best Price

Product Details:
Brand Name: PG instruments
Certification: CE
Model Number: GC650
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Contact for a quote
Packaging Details: Carton package
Delivery Time: Contact for confirmation
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Supply Ability: 400 units per year
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

analyse de chromatographie en phase gazeuse


machine de chromatographie en phase gazeuse


High Performance Gas Chromatography Equipment GC650 With 5 Sample Injectors







5 kinds of sample injectors and all conventional detectors can be attachable depending on samples for analysis. In particular, for analysis of environmental samples (water quality, air, soil and wastes) satisfactory outcome can be achieved by connecting a sample preparation system such as the Purge & Trap.



Features of the GC650

  •  Automatic flow control and ignition of the FID-flame
  •  Auto-start of chromatogram when sample is injected
  • Gas save function (Capillary Injector)
  • TCD maximum current control based on the type of gas
  • Optional valves (solenoid, 2-position) control function
  • Automatic notification of power-of


Intelligent Pneumatic Control (IPC)

  • Full automatic flow control of IPC
  • Pressure range: 0-100psi (resolution: 0.01psi)
  • Flow range: 0-500mL/min (resolution: 0.01mL/min)
  • Split ratio up to 5000:1




Column Oven
Inner volume 16.25 liter (250mm W* 260mm D*250mm H)
Temperature Range Ambient to 450℃ (Optional: -100℃ to 450℃ by using a cryogenic valve)
Linear Programming Rate Max: 120℃/min up to 450℃/min (0.1℃ increment)
Heating Rate About 2.3 minutes 50℃ to 300℃
Cooling Rate About 6 minutes 300℃ to 50℃
Run Time Automatically computed to 999.9 minutes by 0.1 minute increments
Temp. Programming 20 Step
Pneumatics (IPC Module)
IPC pressure range 0 to 100psi
IPC flow range 0 to 500mL/min
Pressure resolution 0.01psi
Flow resolution 0.01mL/min
Support IPC Channels Up to 20, for inlets, detectors or auxiliary gases (including pressure channel)
Pressure/flow programming steps up to 5 steps
EPC control Inlets and detectors (carrier, split vent, make-up and combustion gases)
Split ratio up to 5000:1
Detector Modules Flow set range  
FID/NPD make-up 0-100 mL/min
FID air 0-500 mL/min
FID hydrogen 0-100 mL/min
TCD make-up 0-12 mL/min
TCD reference 0-100 mL/min
FPD make-up 0-130 mL/min
FPD air 0-250 mL/min
FPD hydrogen 0-300 mL/min
Inlet Modules Pressure sensor  
Accuracy ±2% full scale
Repeatability ±0.05psi
Temp. coefficient ±0.01psi/℃
Inlet Modules Flow sensor  
Accuracy ±5% depending on carrier gas
Repeatability ±0.35% of set point
Temp. coefficient ±0.20mL/min normalized temp. and pressure
Data Acquisition System
Dynamic range >2*106
Sampling Rate User selectable 10-60Hz per channel
Analog signal voltage ranges ±10,5,2.5,1.25V
Analog to digital conversion resolution 21 bits at all sampling rates
External event I/O ports 8
Remote Start, stop control independent
Data Visualization Up to chromatograms in real time, zoom/unzoom at any time; Scrutinize focused peaks, display baseline; Chromatograms overlap, background subtraction.
Data Management Data export results as Text files; Dynamic data exchange to Microsoft windows applications; Various data management techniques support the time event programming (17items).
Custom reports Peak number, retention time, peak name, peak area, peak height, area%, height%, peak start time, theoretical plates, capacity factor, peak resolution, peak asymmetry, regression coefficient value, correlation coefficient value, standard deviation, weight function, relative retention time, calibration equations.
Dimensions, weight and power
Dimensions 425mm(W)*555mm(D)*450mm(H)
Weight 30Kg
Power 220V, 50/60Hz, 2.5kW


Inlet System (Injector)
Maximum installed Qty. 2
Type Packed column inlet, Septum purge Packed column Inlet, Capillary Column Inlet, GSV, Auto Gas Sampling System and etc.
Temp. Range Ambient to 450℃
Packed Inlet 1/4", 1/8" Glass-lined Metal Liner are available.
  On-Column injection method is available using 1/4" Glass Column
  0.53mm ID Capillary Column can be used
Capillary Inlet High resolution, prompt analysis time and most typical inlet system
  Split and Splitless mode can be selectable
Gas Sampling Valve 4 Valves can be controlled by Air Actuation
  Controlling Multi Position Valve
  Full automation system is built along with the automatic Run/Stop function
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)  
Cell Flow through cell design, 4 Rhenium/tungsten filaments (32/each)
Temp. Range Ambient to 450℃
Bridge Power Supply Constant current system (1-400mA)
Filament Protection circuit Automatically protect from over load and over current
Micro-cell TCD  
Cell 4 coaxial, hot wire cell
Response Time 0.5 seconds
Internal Volume 20uL
Column Ideal for use with capillary columns
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)  
Electrode Voltage -260V
MDQ <3*10-12 g/s for biphenyl
Linearity 107
Sensitivity >9 mCoulomb/g Carbon (for C3H8)
Jet Tip Made by Quartz and supplied with -260V for excellent ion collection
Temp. Range Ambient to 450℃
Variability Can be used TID by exchanging the bead and collector
Thermionic Ionization Detector (TID)  
Features Electrically heated, alkali-impregnated thermionic surface in chemically reactive H2-Air environment
Response N, P specific
Bead Current Auto Optimization
Thermionic Source Rigid Rb/Cs/Sr-ceramic surface on Ni-ceramic sublayer
Specificity at H2=3mL/min
  N/C 105 (azobenzene/C) 10gN/gC
  N/P 0.4 (azobenzene/malathion) gN/gP
  P/C 105 (malathion/C17) 10gP/gC
MDQ 10-13 gN/sec(azobenzene)
Linearity 105 (nicotine)
Variability Can be used for FID by exchanging the bead and the collector
Various Mode  
TID-NP mode (NPD mode) Selective Detection for N and P
TID-NO mode (N2 mode) Selective Detection for N, P, halogenated and electronegative compounds
TID-EC mode (O2 mode) Selective Detection for N, P, oxygenated and nitro compounds


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