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AA500FG Metal Elemental Analyzers AA500FG Up to 10 Steps Drying , Ashing , Atomization

AA500FG Metal Elemental Analyzers AA500FG Up to 10 Steps Drying , Ashing , Atomization

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Large Image :  AA500FG Metal Elemental Analyzers AA500FG Up to 10 Steps Drying , Ashing , Atomization Get Best Price

Product Details:
Brand Name: PG instruments
Certification: CE
Model Number: AA500FG Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Contact for a Quote
Packaging Details: Carton package
Delivery Time: Contact for confirmation
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Supply Ability: 1500 units per year
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

elemental analysis


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

AA500FG Metal Elemental Analyzers AA500FG Up to 10 Steps Drying , Ashing , Atomization


Features & Functions

AA-Win Pro software provides full control of the instrument and auto sampler with easy method change for each technique
Automatic 8 Hollow Cathode lamp turret controlled and optimized by the AA-Win Pro software. Operating lamp current and warm-up current can be individually controlled to eliminate drift commonly associated with lamp warming
D2 lamp background correction system fitted as standard to all configurations. High energy D2 lamp and adjustable beam splitter mirror are optimized by the AA-Win Pro software
Self reversal background correction system fitted as standard to all configurations. The high performance background system uses the same hollow cathode lamp as installed for the analysis. Minimum extra components are required and optical alignment is very simple. Self reversal can be used for any element at any wavelength making it extremely versatile.
High precision minimal optics ensures maximum light throughput to the computer controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator.
A universal auto sampler is available as an optional accessory which is conveniently mounted on the front of the AA500 instrument.
Absorption and Emission modes are standard features in the AA-Win Pro software as well as peak height, peak area, sequential and manual integration modes.



Flame Atomiser Features

The flame atomizer offers three flame options: Air/Acetylene is the standard configuration with the N2O/acetylene and Air/LPG as options.


The Air/Acetylene flame uses a 100mm single slot burner for the standard configuration
The high sensitivity (Cu 2ppm>0.280Abs) is due to the efficiency of the fixed position glass nebulizer fitted as standard. An acid resistant replacement is available as an option.
The flame can be easily set from blue lean flame through stoichiometric to fuel rich by means of computer control


The N2O/Acetylene flame uses a 50mm single slot burner and is available as an optional extra.
This flame configuration is used to measure elements less prone to ionization such as Aluminum, Tin, Titanium, Calcium, Vanadium and Molybdenum.
Switching from Air/Acetylene to N2O/Acetylene to Flame Off is fully controlled by the AAWin Pro software



Air/Propane (LPG)

This flame uses a 3 slot burner and with the low pressure requirement it is also much safer to operate
Due to the low temperature of the flame it is ideal for analyzing alkali metals such as Potassium, Sodium and Lithium, especially when used in the emission mode.
Some remote areas of the world have difficulty obtaining Acetylene gas of a high enough purity to operate the flame correctly. LPG can give a real alternative and offer comparable results for most elements throughout the wavelength range.



Safety Features

  • Pressure monitoring for all gases
  • Burner identification

  • Flame sensor

  • Drain trap level sensor

  • Gas leak detector

  • Over pressure in premix

  • Safety cut off switch

Graphite Atomiser Features

The integrated Graphite Furnace Atomiser is available in two instrument configurations.

  • In the AA500G instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed into the light path so alignment with the optical path is simple and accurate

  • In the AA500FG instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed behind the flame atomizer assembly and is motorized into position by a simple operation in the AAWin Pro software. The positions for the flame and graphite are saved making it easy to swap between modes for different analysis

  • The temperature of the transversely heated graphite tube is accurately controlled by means of a precision feedback system and has been designed to reduce analytical problems normally associated with this type of technique.

  • Pyrolytically coated graphite tubes are used as  standard and are manufactured to improve performance as well as increase the analytical life

  • Platform graphite tubes are supplied as standard and will accept volumes up to 20μl. Non-platform graphite tubes are also available as an optional extra

  • Up to 10 heat stages are available for the programming of the graphite atomizer. These can be set and stored within the AAWin Pro software

  • The graphite tube is held in position by means of a gas piston. Replacement of the graphite tube is performed by a simple command in the AAWin Pro software.

  • The graphite tube is efficiently cooled by an additional water circulation system (supplied separately)

Safety Features

Argon gas pressure sensor
Water flow sensor
Over temperature sensor
Broken graphite tube protection






Spectrometer System

Wavelength range


Light source

Hollow cathode lamp (HCL), Deuterium Arc lamp (D2)


Square wave pulse

Modulation frequency

100hz self reversal (SR) background, 400hz Deuterium Arc (D2) 




1800 grooves/mm diffraction grating

Blazed wavelength





0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0nm

Scan mode


Photometric type

Single beam

Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength resolution


Wavelength reproducibility


Baseline stability


Stray light

≤0.12%T(220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2)

Background correction

Deuterium Arc (D2) 1.0Abs, Self Reversal (SR) 3.0Abs

Flame Analysis

Flame types

Air/Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene, Air/Propane (LPG)

Sensitivity (Cu)

2μg/ml Absorption >0.280Abs

Characteristic concentration

Cu<0.02μg/ml, Ba<0.15μg/ml (N2O/Acetylene)

Detection limit



Cu<0.7% (Air/Acetylene Flame)

Ba<1.0% (Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene Flame)

Burner heads

Titanium alloy


High efficiency glass, Acid proof available as an option

Pre-mix chamber

Corrosion resistant

Atomizer selection

Automatic changeover (AA500FG), 

Safety features

Burner identification, flame sensor, gas leak sensor, 

low gas pressure sensor, drain trap sensor, power loss protection

Graphite Furnace Analysis 

Graphite head 

Transversally heated

Temperature range


Heating program

Up to 10 steps. Drying, Ashing, Atomization, Cleaning 


Voltage and optical temperature control feedback

Sensitivity (Cu)

50ng/m Absorption>0.40Abs

Detection limit 



Cu<2.0%, Cd<2.0%

Graphite tubes

Pyrolytically coated with platform

Sample size

Up to 20μl

Graphite cooling

Water circulator available

Safety features

Argon pressure sensor, water flow sensor, over temperature sensor, 

broken tube protection

Data Processing 

Operating program

AA Win Pro software

Analytical methods

Flame AA, Flame AE, Graphite Furnace, Hydride Generation

Readout Mode

Continuous, manual, peak height, peak area


Multi-standard calibration, standard addition, interpolation

Data storage

Analytical results, instrument and measurement parameters, signal profile, calibration curve

Power Requirements

Main unit 

220Vac 50/60hz 200W

Graphite power supply

220Vac 50/60hz instantaneous power 5KW current rating



Main unit

110x54x54cm 75kg

Graphite power supply

50x54x54cm 70kg





The AA500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a high performance automated instrument designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory. Due to its versatility and performance it can be used for a wide range of applications. The versatile instrument is available in three configurations:

AA500FG-The instrument is equipped with a flame atomizer and a graphite furnace atomiser. The positioning of which is fully controlled by the embedded computer system and AA-Win Pro software. Three flame options are available to the user with the Air/Acetylene being the standard configuration. This flame can be used for nearly all standard elements while the N2O/Acetylene and the Air/LPG (natural gas) are available as an option for the more demanding of elements. All three flame configurations offer coded burner for full safety protection. The graphite head is fixed into the optical path to maximize performance and eliminate drift. The temperature of the transversely heated graphite tube is accurately controlled by means of a precision feedback system. Pyrolytically coated platform tubes are supplied as standard to improve the performance and eliminate many analytical problems associated with this technique. The flame and graphite furnace can be changed over by a simple selection in versatile AA Win software.



Optional Accessories & Consumables 


Coded nitrous oxide burner

Coded low temperature burner

Auto sampler

Hydride system

Air compressor

Water circulator

Hollow cathode lamp

Glass nebulizer

Graphite tube



Deuterium lamp

Photomultiplier tube


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